Friday, June 27, 2008

"The Sportsman Channel":

Of All Of The Crazy TV Channels Out There, This Is One Of The Worst. There Is An Over-The-Air Subchannel, And The ATSC Upgrade Isn't Official Until Next Year, So I Think That Explains The Flood Of Public Service Announcements... One Of These Annoying Commericials Is Of "The Sportsman Channel", Which They Air To Fill A Programming Gap At Nights...ALL HUNTING... ALL FISHING... ALL THE TIME...Hunting Season Is Boring... It Occurs In Autumn And Winter, A Very Boring Time Of Year To Be Outdoors... I Like To Be Outdoors, But Not Like THAT!! I Like Warm Sunny Weather, And I Believe The Sportsman Channel Has A Stereotype That Fishing Happens Only During Hunting Season...Since Fishing Has To Do With Water, Many Younger Fishers These Days Combine This Fishing With Other Activities Related To Water...However I Comepletely Discourage Hunting... And Of Course I Discourage The Sportsman Channel.

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