Friday, August 1, 2008

"'Family Table'?! HA!!":

For Years Now, There Have Been Commercials About The Family Table...Various Organizations Insist That Also When You Eat Together As A Family, Children Are Less Likely To Smoke Alchohol And Drink Drugs... (Uh, I Might Have Mixed Those Two Up...) Drink Alchohol And Smoke Drugs, For Example...What Nonsense!! I Know For A Fact That Some Of Those Children Might Be Smoking Anyways, Even When They Eat Together!! It Is Possible For The Families To Approve Smoking And Alchohol And Drugs. I Don't. I Also Consider Niccotine A Drug. And Even Caffiene. And Anything Else That Causes A Harmful Addiction With Mind-Altering Side Affects That Even Change The Personalities Of Anybody Injesting &/Or Inhaling The Substances...When I Was Growing Up We Rarely Ate Together. I Never Smoked Or Drank Any Of Those Harmful Chemicals. Where Does The Family Table Get These Statistics?! They Need To Double Check Them As They Are Way Off.

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