Friday, August 1, 2008

"Wendys: The Goody Two Shoes Of Fast Food Restaurants":

As The Years Have Gone By, Wendy's Has Been Starting To Annoy Me, Simply Because Of The Commercials.

They Were The First To Get Rid Of French Fries. Who Would Get Rid Of French Fries?! I Am Going To Add That Potatoes Are Still A VEGETABLE Even If They Chop Them Into Shoestrings And Fry Them With The Condiments Such As Ketchup, Which Happens To Be Filled With Sugar. Anyways, They Now Have "Choices" Instead. I Think French Fries Are Still There, But There Are Still Other Things, Many Of Them Extremely Bizarre. If They Do Not Like French Fries In The Combo Meals, Perhaps They Should Select All Their Items Individually!! And Now Fast Food Restaurants Are Doing The Same Things. Outrageous. I Am Also Going To Add That The Burgers Are Much More Likely To Be Much More Unhealthy Than French Fries!! And With Most Kids Meals, The Servings Of French Fries Are Incredibly Small!! Fast Foods Annoy Me Anyways...

My Favorites Are Arby's, Braum's, Dairy Queen, In-N-Out Burger, Jack In The Box, And Sonic... (You Are Probably Wondering What Region I Live In As In-N-Out Burger Is Based In California, And Braum's Is Based In Oklahoma!!) Anyways, THAT Fact Alone Irritates Me, How Some Restaurants Are Really Good But They Aren't National. But Anyways, I Hate Going To Restaurants, Unless I Call In The Order... My Favorite Restaurants Are Buffets...That Include French Fries...With Free Drink Refills...

Next Thing I Know Of, Wendy's Isn't Fast Food Anymore. It's Wendy's!! That's Right. They Don't Serve Fast Food. They Serve Wendy's... They Animate The Logo Now, Doing Various Things. This Along With The Rest Of The Commercials Somehow Adds To The Feeling That Wendy's Is Becoming Quite Snobbish.

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