Sunday, June 10, 2007


I Have A Xanga Account... Actually Several... Because There Are People That Are "Posers" That Say They Are Celebrities... And Then There Are Lots Of Accounts Such As "Poser Police" That Post Whatever They Feel Is A Fake Account... I Have Several Of Those Too...And I Have An Older Xanga, But This Jerk Posted A Hilarious Comment, So I Don't Post On It Anymore Because I Want Everybody To See That Embarassing Comment That That Person Posted... XD And So I Was Going To Move My Posts From That Xanga To The Other Xanga, And Also Post Everything That I Put On My Blog... Is Crazy And Some Of The Blogs Got Erased, And I Am Going To Go Back To TVRage And Also Apply To Be Editor For T&J On TVRage, And Also Keeping Up Appearances... MoggIntellect "stole" that from me, and then he became a global moderator, but then he left completely, and resigned from everything else, so I am going to get Keeping Up Appearances back. I also had several toys on my Myspace account... The myspace isn't public..Meaning that I don't Have The Jumping Burger Avatar & The Myspace Isn't Named "In-Correct"... Now I Have It Completely Blank... Even All The Links Are Gone Now, So All The Toys Are Moved To The Xanga...So that is the purpose of my Xanga account...You Can See It All Set Up And Everything... I Just Need To Post Something!! I Was Going To Post Those Surveys, But They Aren't Worth It At All... I Won't Be Posting There Regularly, Since I Am Using Blog Spot as A Sort Of Newspaper Column That I Complain About Things... And So I Am Posting Here Regularly...If You Read One Of My Other Posts, Remember That I My Computer Got Erased, And One Of The Things That Got Zapped Was My Website... So I Will Be Spending LOTS Of Time Putting It Together... I Still Have The Pictures For The Website, And It Didn't Get Very Far On The Site To Begin With... =S After That, I Will Be Posting Some Things On Xanga, Such As Some Things While I Am Completely Moving From TV.comI Like Xanga... It Is Better Than Myspace In Many Ways... Even If Everybody Is Messaging Each Other On It And Posting Pictures Of Themselves Doing All Kinds Of Crazy Things, They Still Shouldn't Put Down Xanga At All. One Girl Said That Xanga Was "Old School". It Isn't Up To Her To Decide That. She Labels And Stereotypes Everything }=[ And Of Course You Can Probably Tell That I Am Publishing These Things On BlogSpot While I Haven't Finished Them Either... =S UPDATE!!:Xanga Has Featured Questions That I Can Write About, So I Guess I Will Be Posting There A Lot Sooner Than I Thought I Was... =]

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