Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Hot Beverages":

I love cold beverages. I will rarely drink water, for example, unless it is filled with ice. I have an addiction to drinking beverages. Fortunately it is a healthy addiction. Of course I do not drink beverages with alcohol in them; I cannot handle it. The fact that alchohol can have severe mind altering effects is enough for me to not to be drinking it. And of course I do not drink poison. I do drink almost anything else considered a beverage.

Since I said I love cold beverages, does that mean that I do not enjoy hot beverages?? I would think so, but I am going to start sharing my favorite of beverages with you, or anybody else of the blog viewing audience. And this one is not a cold beverage:

I like coffee. Coffee works well with digestion. Too much coffee can lead to bad health effects such as chest pains. This is true with anything that has any amount of caffeine.

Coffee is often served as a hot beverage. However, I do not like coffee by itself. It tastes much better with things in it. I actually like to smell the coffee more than I like to drink it. Immagine yourself smelling the coffee and then adding other things to it. Go ahead. Add some sweetener. Smell it. Now add hot chocolate mix. I got this idea with coffee flavored cocoa. Stir it in. And wait...doesn't cocoa have tiny marshmallows in it?? Add some marshmallows. This immiginary drink would be great with a gigantic marshmallow. And of course tiny marshmallows are good because they are small enough to fit through a straw. And perhaps a slice of real chocolate. Just watch the chocolate as it melts. And of course add some kind of milk...I don't care what. You might like goat milk. I might say to you "Why would you ever drink goat milk?!", or you might like "Silk". Cow milk is quite common... Or perhaps coconut milk. I will say this again...I do not care what kind of milk you use, but coffee and cocoa is common with milk, and coffee usually has a variety of creamers. Add all of that. You might want to add Strawberry Flavored Nesquick, and also ground cinnamon. And a small amount of brown sugar. Keep smelling it. Now you might feel foolish when you discover you are smelling nothing. Your drink has not even been made yet!! You have read all these ingredients now.

Doesn't immagining all of this make you want to have a cup of this??

This will give me more ideas for ice cream and floats related to this subject, as well as coffee flavored s'mores.

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