Thursday, November 8, 2007


What I have observed about presidents.I barely remembered the first President Bush.Then Bill Clinton became President.And then George W. Bush became president.And other people are trying to become the next president.Hillary Clinton is one of them.She should become the next president for several reasons:She will become the first female president ( unless I am mistaken... after all nearby schools don't teach very much Social Studies subjects. Not one time do I remember having to memorize all the presidents...I learned about presidents from a Nickelodeon commercial. )Queen Latifah and Ellen Degeneres were discussing this in Ellen's talk show. They seem confident and like what she has done so far...about health care, for example.I do not like Barack Obama. He seems to think he is better than Hillary Clinton. I do not remember Hillary Clinton saying things about other presidential cantidates. It sounds like all his views are against Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton becoming president. And...............I saw an editorial comic about somebody hanging up pictures... the caption says "What If:" and has pictures with captions on them. The captions say "Bush" "Clinton" "Bush" "Clinton".

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