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This post is a response to somebody else's post, saying that there isn't any reason to not support Barack Obama, and people that don't support him are racist and think he is a muslim...

I do not support Barack Obama.

Am I racist and against muslims, whether he is one or not??


I do not care what religion and race people are. It will not affect my voting for them or my not voting for them. But since several people think that people are against Barack Obama only because they are racist and think he is a Muslim, then I guess it must mean just that...

I still don't think so. Sometimes some Obama supporters act like there are the only ones that do. They aren't. There are many Obama supporters. My reasons for not supporting Obama:

He does not have much experience.

He is young.

He does not have a reputation.

His attitude.

Ted Kennedy's attidude.

I really wanted to see Stahler's editorial cartoon come to life. There was one released several years ago. It was about a guy hanging pictures. the caption is "What If..." and the people in the pictures are "Bush" "Clinton" "Bush" "Clinton".

He used that third one against Hillary because she has been around and has a bad reputation. But she is a very hard worker.

My reasons for supporting McCain:

He is old. Wouldn't that be interesting to have a president like that?? That would be crazy!! Crazy Exciting!!

His personality is humble.

His tactics are based on observation, not speculation. One time he simply pointed out that Barack Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world. He used two other celebrities as examples. It may have been silly, but it is accurate, since there are quite a few very active celebrities that endorse Obama.

He also kinda offered Jay Leno to be his running mate.

I am also satisfied with who he picked officially. ---Sarah Palin. ... And everybody should just QUIT BOTHERING HER. She is featured in news articles all the time and it is just wrong for people to hack her email messages.

Compare the things he says to the things that Obama says. Seriously. Watch both of them in interviews and speeches and see that McCain actually Knows what he is talking about and Obama does not make any sense.

I also do not like some people saying he is too much like George Bush, McCain=4 More Years Of Bush, McCain=3rd Bush Term, "McBush", "McSame", Voting For McCain (or any Republican) will guarentee at least 4 more years of more bad things happening. So bad things happened while a Republican was President. The twin towers were destroyed. I still remember Bush wanting to go to war and the audience cheering loudly. John McCain honors George W. Bush for keeping The United States Of America Safe. Being president of The United States is not an easy job. You honestly think you can do better?? Do you think you can do it perfectly?? And just because the president after Bill Clinton was George W. Bush, a Republican, that does not mean that every republican in existence will continue the same policies as Bush. I think that if the president after Bill Clinton was a Democrat, then people would say that electing another Democrat would mean "4 to 8 more years of the same thing" about every Democrat.

And they also say he cheated on his wife with his new wife. I know that people are probably going to make this look bad on him or something like that.

John McCain & Carol both have had injuries. John's is from being tortured from being a Prisoner Of War, and Carol had a car wreck. Winter weather is dumb. When John left again, they were not the same people, and John cheated on Carol. He admits and regrets this. He didn't meet Cindy until 1979 and was pushing for a divorce. He was not interested in Cindy's money. Everything is seperate. He also provided well financially for Carol after the divorce.

Those are some details about John McCain.

What about Cindy?? The only thing that I don't like about her is that she adopted ONE of two children that were most likely sisters.

Here are some detailed facts about all the presidential cantidates and political parties that needs to be known:

Democratic Party:
Barack Obama is running for The Democratic Party. he was an attorney and about 3 years ago he became a junior U.S. senator. He went to Columbia University and graduated Harvard in 1991. Before 2005, he was an Illionis state senator since 1996. Joe Biden is running for Vice President.

Republican Party:
John McCain is running for The Republican Party. He was a Congress member from 1982 to 1986, and a U.S. Senator since 1987. He was in the Navy, and went to The United States Naval Academy and National War College. He is a member of several of both the Senate Committee and the House Committee. He has numerous Navy awards. Sarah Palin is running for Vice President.

Independent Party:
Ralph Nader is now running for The Independent Party. He has run for president 4 times so far. He is a lobbyist. He went to Princeton and Harvard. He once worked for The U.S. Department Of Labor. Matthew Gonzalez is running for Vice President.

Libertarian Party:
Bob Barr is running for The Libertarian Party. Wayne Allyn Root is running for Vice President.

Constitution Party:
Chuck Baldwin is running for The Constitution Party. Darrell Castle is running for Vice President.

Green Party:
Cynthia McKinney is running for The Green Party. Rosa Clemente is running for Vice President.

Prohibition Party:
Gene Amondson is running for The Prohibition Party. Leroy Plettin is running for Vice President.

Reform Party:
Ted Well is running for The Reform Party. Frank McEnulty is running for Vice President.

Socialist Party:
Brian Moore is running for The Socialist Party. Stewart Alexander is running for Vice President.

America's Independent Party:
Alan Keyes is running for America's Independent Party. Wiley Drake is running for Vice President.

New American Independent Party:
Frank McEnulty is running for The New American Independent Party?? David Mangan is running for Vice President.

Socialism & Liberation Party:
Gloria La Riva is running for The Socialism & Liberation Party. Eugene Puryear is running for Vice President.

Socialist Workers Party:
Roger Calero is running for The Socialist Workers Party. Alyson Kennedy is running for Vice President.

Boston Tea Party:
Charles Jay is running for the Boston Tea Party. Charles L. Knapp is running for Vice President.

Did you know all of THAT?? Are there really 14 political parties?? And how can somebody be running for the vice president of a third party and be running for the president of ANOTHER third party?? This leads to lots of confusion. And why so many differences anyways?! I do not get that, and I also think that if you want to run for President or any political office, set aside your political affiliation and just have your only goals to simply make things more positive.

I think after the end of this Election 2008 thing, I will probably not follow along who is running for president anymore. It does not matter who is president. You do not have to become the next president to make things positive anyways.

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