Saturday, February 4, 2006

"Is Myspace Really Necessary???!":

Myspace is overrated. How can anybody use myspace?? I have heard of myspace for years, and whenever I search something, occasionally myspace comes up, but it has nothing to do with whatever I was looking up. And, "You must be logged-in to do that!" So I signed up for one, and found out that it actually logs out, and it does this a lot. Other sites will stay logged in until you log out, but not Myspace. It gets on my nerves to log in a whole bunch. Another popular thing with myspace is "Sorry! An unexpected Error has occured! This error has been forwarded to Myspace's technical group!" This screen comes up too much as well. Other sites will almost never have "unexpected errors", and other sites don't have music automatically playing when you ever load a "friend"'s page. If I wanted to listen to the songs, then I would click Play, instead of it playing by itself. And another comment about that is it is yet another Flash Plug-In, which will always slow a computer. In addition to the Flash media players, there are other stupid plug-ins that some people add to their pages. That is a lot of content that makes the pages load even slower. It does not matter how fast the computer is, how fast the internet connection is, or which browser you are using to (try to) load myspace. Of course it still helps. Dial-Up and Myspace is almost useless compared to "real" internet, which can load Myspace much sooner, but even that amount of time that high speed internet uses to load myspace is still a much longer time than what it takes to load Google. And some of the people that use myspace are very much addicted to it--all their time is spent on myspace redesigning their pages, posting bulletins, and browsing &/or posting on Myspace TV. Myspace is also a good place to start and spread rumors, and the frequent myspace-users often lose their common sense along with their minds and believe whatever they hear. The people that say "Thanks very much for the add." are okay, but not the private xenophobic hermits. And what about the "private" myspaces?? It all comes from diaryland's "locked diaries" pages. If you have a private page, then What The Heck Are You Doing At A Social Netowrking Site To Begin With?! If you can't handle social networking sites and hide behind a private page, then you shouldn't have even signed up. If you don't want people you don't know otherwise, to be be able to find you, then don't tell them your locations. And don't post your address(es) and Phone Number(s). And then think about it for a second...with your information not posted online, you shouldn't have anything else to worry about, right?? And if somebody is giving you problems, then report them. It is very simple. And the virtual world is just like the physical world--If somebody breaks the law such as threatens you for example, then they will get in trouble, their account will get deleted. They could go to prison and have their computer priveleges or even revoked. Of course, this is Myspace we are talking about. It isn't like Facebook at all, where you are supposed to put your name to your account so everybody knows that it is really you that is behind the account. But with Myspace the problems have been that various people create accounts, even with captchas in place, to spam others, and "post links to their webcams because Myspace has disabled theirs". You must be very careful on Myspace. And if there are any problems, do not expect a resolution from the technical support. I have been harrassed by other people on Myspace many, many times. If I notify The Myspace Authorities, they do little to resolve the situations. You should also be careful with any viruses that are running about on Myspace. Always avoid any saying that "This Profile Contains Adult Content". The thing that you'd be downloading is in fact a type of virus that will claim ironically that your computer is infected with viruses, spyware, etc. and will insist that you download "something" that will scan and delete the infestations. The downloads are more viruses. It is difficult to delete the pests. I do not remember how I deleted the bugs from my computer system... It is accurate to say that I have not logged into Myspace this year. Prior to that, I only used Myspace IM. It is much more efficient than the Myspace site. Eventually I became so occupied with much more important things to do other than Myspace that I just left the Myspace site along with all of its silly sillyness. I am not sure if they have worked out all these problems with their site since I haven't bothered with it for a while, but I doubt they did, and if they actually did...I could pretty much care less...

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