Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Macromedia Memorial":

Ever heard of Macromedia?? Is (or was) an excellent company with different programs that have been very important to computer systems because they are a common way to use animation and graphics for things (usually ads) and also to make games. I have many computer games, literally over 100, both PC & Mac. I am not a huge video game person at all. I never was. And I really don't like them at all ever since somebody that was addicted to (crazy) video games was really really mean to me. But I like computer games, and I do not think that they are the most popular games (since games these days seem to have story lines--ever heard of Iko San Space Under Control?? You save the universe by playing Tetris!! =S ) they are simple and fun games, and I have dozens of older games that was around when Microsoft Windows was just beginning. There is this one game called Slam! which is an air hockey game and if you stay at the goal the game can play itself... It's fun to watch. I have the classic arcade game of Ms. Pac, and (which are renamed PacMania or Mrs. PacPC but are still the same games) and I have several Star Trek Games, and some games like Blast Thru from RockSolid Software and X-Treme games, and I have dozens of games that were made with Macromedia.Unfortunately, Macromeida's work is under the control of Adobe, the creaters of PhotoShop and Acrobat, which is a PDF Reader. I do not like Adobe at all. Whenever you browse the internet on a computer that doesn't have Flash on it, a message comes up saying "Do you want to install and run Adobe Flash Player, and won't stop coming up until you install it. I have been on other computers that have an "older" version of Flash, and this software thing will say "a new version of Flash Player is available.I do not like Adobe at all, and never will. I do not like how they ate Macromedia, which provided more useful and less annoying software. Here is what I did:I deleted Photoshop on my computer. It was a starter edition, I don't remember installing it, and I don't use it, and I don't know how, and I will find an alternative to it.I deleted Adobe's PDF Reader. What are PDFs?! They Confuse Me. And I really think that if you put something online, it needs to be viewed as HTML instead. Google can convert any stupid PDF document into a HTML Page online. And Adobe Is NOT The only PDF Reader!! I looked online, and downloaded a few things, and they work even better.I deleted ADOBE Flash. I couldn't find an alternative to it, so I found Macromedia Flash Plug In 8. It still works. I installed it and everything. And I Deleted The GetFlash.Exe Thing That Keeps Coming Up by clicking on CPU Usage (and if CPU Usage isn't there, hold down CTRL ALT DELETE keys to Get It To Come Up ) and click on "Processes" and click on GetFlash.exe and click on "End Process" and before it came back, I deleted "GetFlash.exe" Someday I hope that Macromedia will come back somehow... The only way that I could see this happening is if a giant corporation bought Adobe and split them Adobe & Macromedia and possibly eat Adobe... they certainly deserve it...or perhaps people should focus less time with Flash & Shockwave... and PDFs. But it is doubtful that it will happen.

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