Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Apple Computer":

.I have a Compaq computer that has a memory card reader in it. Many computers these days have them, but mine was purchased in 2004. And that is all that is about left of it. The case and the memory card reader and one of the CD Roms, and the motherboard and the power supply. It has a new DVD burner, a new hard drive, upgraded to Windows XP Professional Edition this time, several power cords...actually this power cord is the oldest thing on the machine. Remember when power cords for computers have built in outlets?? This power cord has that!! It is very old, but it functions much better than the one that was just a few months old... I do not know why it stopped working. I have been through several keyboards and mice. Did you know that you can connect more than one keyboard and mouse to ONE computer?? This is my third computer monitor. I still have the monitor, a 17" CRT, which is very large and heavy. It takes up way to much space. If it fell I am worried it might smash my feet. Or possibly somebody else's!! So I got a 19" LCD monitor with speakers. It lasted until this year. So now I have a ViewSonic monitor. 22". LCD. Microphone. Speakers. Subwoofer. Ipod Dock. Two Power Buttons. Two Power Cords. 4 USB Ports. Headphone Outlet. Yes, My Monitor has all of that.I am going to wait a while before upgrading to Windows Vista Edition. Computers are expensive. They cost $20.00-50.00 each month to connect to other computers that aren't part of your own network, and then you have to upgrade them every few years. I still have a few other things to get for this computer.............. After All I am Very Satisfied With HP For Hardware, But I Like Apple For Software. HP should carry Macintosh. I Have Seen Recent Apple Computers, And They Don't Appear To Have Much In Terms Of Hardware Compared To HP. I Think All Apples Have Are USB Connections.Does your Microsoft Computer crash often?? Does it restart by itself?? Don't worry, there is a 50% possibility that this is caused by Windows Update, and the computer restarts by itself. I have blocked this setting. I have work to do, and cannot restart constantly and lose any saved information!! And another important tip: CLOSE OUT YOUR INTERNET BROWSERS!! Remember that when the website says "Done", there are other things on the website that are active, such as ads. Spam and viruses can posisbly attempt to sneak in, or even successfully sneak in if you don't have the software to block bad things. I recommend AVG. And remember that I posted complaints about ADOBE. Adobe has Flash now, which is something that websites just MUST have, And This Is Filled With Errors, And Can Actually Cause A Computer To Restart. Additionally, It Appears That ADOBE Has "Invented" Something For Flash That Is Similar To Javascript. And It Is Of Course Filled With Errors.But I am also planning on getting an Apple. I haven't been around them for years. I Have always been satisfied with them, and now I hear lots of good things about them. I think I will get an older model Apple computer that is compatible with the most recent Mac OS. I Will start from there.

UPDATE: I have been using an Apple Computer after my Compaq crashed after 1 1/2 years of damage from using Dial Up Internet. Yes I will fix it, but it will be after I fix this apple desktop computer. It has OS 9.2.2 and just like the conspiracy of how vehicles weren't operated with free renewable energy in favor of gasoline and not-bio diesel, software companies everywhere have disconued support so you are forced to buy a new operating system and eventually a new computer.

How much will this cost?? Over $250.00USD
What does it need?? A New OS. I will put Tiger on it. I have learned that Macs can hold more than one OS. and it can run two of them AT THE SAME TIME?! It needs a bigger Hard Drive. I already have it. Now all I need is a parellel cable to plug the PATA hard drive into it. and a PCI card. I am picky, so the card I am getting also has SATA and eSATA. It is the best thing to get. That way I can plug in mobile hard drives and I think iPods have SATA ports. I am not planning on connecting an iPod to the MAC PCI PATA SATA eSATA device, I am just wondering because they look like the same size. And I just know that I am going to have to deal with memory issues so I will upgrade from 448MB to 1GB. This will require 4 new 256MB chips. And OSX disabled support for ADB Devices?! "Rats". I will have to get a new keyboard that is USB. And Some more USB connections. And perhaps some 1394 Connections. And a better AGP Video card. That might cost $100.00USD-$200.00USD more.

And then I need some more PSCs and CLPs. (Printers). And a drawing pad. For both PC Desktop and MAC Desktop. How am I ever going to upload things to The Funny Frolicks BlogSpot???????

And then I have to fix the PC Desktop and all of the laptops. Laptops take up less space, energy, and plugs. Nothing I have is ready for the newest of operating systems. I will need new PC and Apple laptops. I will get the newer Apple laptop first. I think actual new ones are very expensive, several thousand dollars, so I will get a used one capable of running whatever newest operating system it has. I will fix the Compaq desktop eventually. It needs ethernet cables if I don't set up a wireless network, but I won't set up a wireless network until much later. I also need a surge protector... And perhaps new hardware. I am not sure...

But I do know that at least an older Apple computer is designed to take a lot of "hot" temperatures. I am amazed that the Processor Heatsink does not have a fan. The heatsink is not that big either. since I do not have dial up anymore, that won't strain the processors on ANY computer. But i will use apples the most. It is good that ViewSonic monitors have Memory Card Readers because Apple PowerMac G3s don't. And I don't think new Apples do either!! HPs and Compaqs do. Actually lots of PCs do now.

I also like After Dark.
Vintage Mac Compatible Games,
Speakable Items,
Talking Alerts,
Scheduled Startups and Shutdowns,
and many other things.

I have mixed feelings however when it breaks. It is like an automatic watch. It programs itself and if it is daylight saving time, you have to wait for it to update itself because you can't set the time for it by itself. It is interesting that those types of clocks have access to a World Time Server. It is the same thing for an Appl e Computer. If it breaks, it is almost impossible to fix it. However, it seems to be able to repair itself. I have had it not turn at all, and one time this old and possibly damaged SD card froze it up...when I restarted, it wouldn't load. And then I wrapped it up, froze it, and waited, and it worked and I am not sure what I did to get it to work...

I just think that Apple Computers are alive.
It is too bad that they are much more expensive than Dell. But that subject is for another post. I will also update this post whenever there is something to update on it. Such as whenever I upgrade any computers...

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