Monday, May 18, 2009


I am writing a review about the OCR.

OCR stands for Office for Civil Rights.

And mine were violated when right before I was supposed to attend college. It happened all summer and even before that. I have false accusations on my permanent academic record and a permanent ban on campus housing. I have temporary bans on enrollment and "trespassing" on campus.

And because of that, I have decided to NEVER enroll anyplace and the place that banned me is the last place I will enroll, despite their "temporary" ban on enrollment. I do not want to enroll there EVER because of what the administrators did to me, and I don't want to enroll anyplace else because OCR is with the U.S. Department Of Education because of what OCR did to me.

What all did OCR do?

They have an online form to send, so I sent it. It was almost "too late" also. But I sent it because I refuse to believe that when people are cruel to others in any way, the victims must be forced to accept it. Having a limit to file complaints is ridiculous. They also have limited categories.

This means that OCR is responsible for enforcing certain laws for educational facilities that receive specific government funding.

And if, in other words, a facility did not violate a contract, then there is nothing that can be done by OCR.

They did open two complaints, quickly closed one because of claiming they did not have authority to investigate, and 16 months of stalling before closing the other investigation. I am sure that the educational facility that I "alleged" what happened to me did quite a bit of the stalling. I am very shocked that after a few more months of stalling, OCR concluded that even when they had 4 attorneys and several teams of investigators look over the file, which they said was enormous (which I believe), when the Facility's responses and actual basis for banning me are all full of holes,

there weren't any contracts violated. OCR only seems to care about government funding contracts, and not Human Rights And Civil Liberties. And when you look at that way, nothing was done wrong in that area because Facility does not have a specific discipline policy and what punishments to place, which I have called the power of tyranny.

If OCR does not have authority, then who does?! I bet whoever has authority, also has filing limits.

I am disappointed with OCR.

I am also disappointed with the entire department of education, because they must approve of people's rights being violated if all they have is the limited OCR.

Schools that are cruel to ANYBODY should be closed, because schools should not have to be cruel and violate people's rights. They should do more than watch those that are too young to watch themselves and keep watching them until they are old enough to work. They should not make students believe that not attending college is an unpopular choice. They should teach students everything, make sure the students do not cheat, make sure the students understand and learn, and to make students behave so none of the other students are bothered and distracted, and they should teach other morals and ethics.

I guess nobody cares about morals, ethics, and education...especially The U.S. Department Of Education since they do not seem to care about what happened to me, and I bet others also. If they did, they would have a complaint and investigation system better than OCR..

...which is not literally about Civil Rights and the violations of rights,
It is about whether or not contracts have been violated that involve government funding.

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