Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Macromedia Memorial":

Ever heard of Macromedia?? Is (or was) an excellent company with different programs that have been very important to computer systems because they are a common way to use animation and graphics for things (usually ads) and also to make games. I have many computer games, literally over 100, both PC & Mac. I am not a huge video game person at all. I never was. And I really don't like them at all ever since somebody that was addicted to (crazy) video games was really really mean to me. But I like computer games, and I do not think that they are the most popular games (since games these days seem to have story lines--ever heard of Iko San Space Under Control?? You save the universe by playing Tetris!! =S ) they are simple and fun games, and I have dozens of older games that was around when Microsoft Windows was just beginning. There is this one game called Slam! which is an air hockey game and if you stay at the goal the game can play itself... It's fun to watch. I have the classic arcade game of Ms. Pac, and (which are renamed PacMania or Mrs. PacPC but are still the same games) and I have several Star Trek Games, and some games like Blast Thru from RockSolid Software and X-Treme games, and I have dozens of games that were made with Macromedia.Unfortunately, Macromeida's work is under the control of Adobe, the creaters of PhotoShop and Acrobat, which is a PDF Reader. I do not like Adobe at all. Whenever you browse the internet on a computer that doesn't have Flash on it, a message comes up saying "Do you want to install and run Adobe Flash Player, and won't stop coming up until you install it. I have been on other computers that have an "older" version of Flash, and this software thing will say "a new version of Flash Player is available.I do not like Adobe at all, and never will. I do not like how they ate Macromedia, which provided more useful and less annoying software. Here is what I did:I deleted Photoshop on my computer. It was a starter edition, I don't remember installing it, and I don't use it, and I don't know how, and I will find an alternative to it.I deleted Adobe's PDF Reader. What are PDFs?! They Confuse Me. And I really think that if you put something online, it needs to be viewed as HTML instead. Google can convert any stupid PDF document into a HTML Page online. And Adobe Is NOT The only PDF Reader!! I looked online, and downloaded a few things, and they work even better.I deleted ADOBE Flash. I couldn't find an alternative to it, so I found Macromedia Flash Plug In 8. It still works. I installed it and everything. And I Deleted The GetFlash.Exe Thing That Keeps Coming Up by clicking on CPU Usage (and if CPU Usage isn't there, hold down CTRL ALT DELETE keys to Get It To Come Up ) and click on "Processes" and click on GetFlash.exe and click on "End Process" and before it came back, I deleted "GetFlash.exe" Someday I hope that Macromedia will come back somehow... The only way that I could see this happening is if a giant corporation bought Adobe and split them Adobe & Macromedia and possibly eat Adobe... they certainly deserve it...or perhaps people should focus less time with Flash & Shockwave... and PDFs. But it is doubtful that it will happen.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I Have A Xanga Account... Actually Several... Because There Are People That Are "Posers" That Say They Are Celebrities... And Then There Are Lots Of Accounts Such As "Poser Police" That Post Whatever They Feel Is A Fake Account... I Have Several Of Those Too...And I Have An Older Xanga, But This Jerk Posted A Hilarious Comment, So I Don't Post On It Anymore Because I Want Everybody To See That Embarassing Comment That That Person Posted... XD And So I Was Going To Move My Posts From That Xanga To The Other Xanga, And Also Post Everything That I Put On My Blog... Is Crazy And Some Of The Blogs Got Erased, And I Am Going To Go Back To TVRage And Also Apply To Be Editor For T&J On TVRage, And Also Keeping Up Appearances... MoggIntellect "stole" that from me, and then he became a global moderator, but then he left completely, and resigned from everything else, so I am going to get Keeping Up Appearances back. I also had several toys on my Myspace account... The myspace isn't public..Meaning that I don't Have The Jumping Burger Avatar & The Myspace Isn't Named "In-Correct"... Now I Have It Completely Blank... Even All The Links Are Gone Now, So All The Toys Are Moved To The Xanga...So that is the purpose of my Xanga account...You Can See It All Set Up And Everything... I Just Need To Post Something!! I Was Going To Post Those Surveys, But They Aren't Worth It At All... I Won't Be Posting There Regularly, Since I Am Using Blog Spot as A Sort Of Newspaper Column That I Complain About Things... And So I Am Posting Here Regularly...If You Read One Of My Other Posts, Remember That I My Computer Got Erased, And One Of The Things That Got Zapped Was My Website... So I Will Be Spending LOTS Of Time Putting It Together... I Still Have The Pictures For The Website, And It Didn't Get Very Far On The Site To Begin With... =S After That, I Will Be Posting Some Things On Xanga, Such As Some Things While I Am Completely Moving From TV.comI Like Xanga... It Is Better Than Myspace In Many Ways... Even If Everybody Is Messaging Each Other On It And Posting Pictures Of Themselves Doing All Kinds Of Crazy Things, They Still Shouldn't Put Down Xanga At All. One Girl Said That Xanga Was "Old School". It Isn't Up To Her To Decide That. She Labels And Stereotypes Everything }=[ And Of Course You Can Probably Tell That I Am Publishing These Things On BlogSpot While I Haven't Finished Them Either... =S UPDATE!!:Xanga Has Featured Questions That I Can Write About, So I Guess I Will Be Posting There A Lot Sooner Than I Thought I Was... =]

Monday, June 4, 2007

"Job Frusteration":

This blog contains very important information for you to know about if you live in the United States. To live in the United States, you need to go to school, and it would be very helpful if you finished it. I went to school and finished it, but it was very difficult because the school that I attended was highly unethical. You also need your Birth Certificate, Social Security ID Card, a Photo ID, and also a Driving Permit & Driver's Liscence. You also need a wallet to keep some of these things in. Because of custodial parents that just don't seem to care, I got those three things after I graduated. The other two I am still working on. I also have a bank account. They are also helpful. So are Debit Cards, Online Banking, Ebay, Computers, Internet, and other things.You also need a place to sleep. And you also need an address and phone number whenever you apply for jobs. I do not agree with the idea that money is not important or something... It is absolutely necessary to survive, unless you know how how to make everything yourself, including solar panels.Anyways, finding a job can be very very frusterating. Any job application will most likely ask for an address and a phone number. What if you have neither of these?? And perhaps you have heard of the "work at home" things... I will not want to work at home unless I have a home & have a home that feels like one. Otherwise I will "work at home" someplace else.I know many things about the work at home things, and how to apply for them.Lots of them cost money. Be careful. If they cost money, they are probably not worth it. Right now I need JOBS, and not investments, but I might be able to do them later. When searching for a job, you need to know the correct word, which is "Telecommute" I search that word and I get a lot better job listings than searching with different words. However, That means that you filter out all the scams, and you still have to find a really good job. Writing over the internet can be very difficult, and they probably don't pay enough, especially if it is freelance. As I get ready to go to college in my town, and as I get ready to go to move, I just don't have the time & energy to write. So I don't like writing over the internet, and I don't recommend it. And I am getting annoyed when it says "partial telecommute" or they want many years experience, and a bunch of college degrees or something. I don't like how they make it look very easy for them, and I probably should write something like this: "Hello job people!! I am a high school graduate that is entering college and I know how to build websites by using notepad. When I finish my website, I will bring all of it online. I know how to draw and write and have learned many skills. However, I am also seeking 100% Telecommute positions and I do not yet have a bunch of degrees or experience. I am entry level or whatever. But you can certainly go ahead and proceed with hiring me". And then I think about it some more, and look at all the common jobs available, and see how little of them require a high school diploma!! There are jobs where you can get discounts if you purchase items at their company/business and most of them hire people as young as 16, and there are jobs that require at least one college degree... Very frusterating, or interesting, I am not sure which.