Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trayvon Martin

Taking care of myself is very important. As a result, I missed out on the news coverage of Trayvon Martin. I did not know about this until recently. I now have a few comments.

Who was Trayvon Martin? How is his name spelled? I have seen plenty of search results with his name spelled BOTH Trayvon AND Treyvon.

What did he REALLY look like? Most of his pictures look like somebody who is about 14 or 15, not 17.

What was his height and weight? Many people are spreading rumors that he was tall and muscular... (and as a result, dangerous)

What was Trayvon doing the night he was killed?

What else happened during the night he was killed?

Was he a thug? or was he innocent?

If he was outside in the rain, why would he need to be outside in the rain?

I don't have any of these answers, and most of the people talking about Trayvon DON'T KNOW THE ANSWERS EITHER. and so they are spreading RUMORS.

Here is a summary about the incident. George Zimmerman was in charge of the neighborhood watch of a gated community. Zimmernan had to address the issues of several burglaries. On a rainy night, he found a hoodie-wearing BUT NOT MASK-WEARING Trayvon outside walking and pinned him to the crimes. They confronted each other, and Trayvon allegedly smashed George's head into the concrete, ripped part of the sidewalk out of the ground, and used it to attack George.

George, fearing for his life, and just wanting to be the best gosh darned neighborhood watch captain that ever existed, ONLY WANTING WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE BURGLARLY VICTIMS!! ...

picked up a gun, smashed it into Trayvon's chest, and fired the weapon into Trayvon's heart, killing the loser, and ridding the world of scum. ... one bag of scum at a time.

The Poe Lease dispatcher told George to keep his weapon in his pants. The Poe Lease were feasting on donuts and did not want to miss out on the opportunity to kill Trayvon. When they arrived, Trayvon was already shot, and this angered the Poe Lease.

George Zimmerman and his family had to live in hiding during the entire trial. They "couldn't work" either.

But now George Zimmerman was found not guilty and many people do not agree with this.

And even more annoying, there are people that SUPPORT George Zimmerman's naughty behavor. Zimmerman's supporters are irritated that people are supporting Martin. Sometimes the Zimmerman supporters bring up valid points. Other times they bring up how "Religion in schools would have prevented this." And what about that baby in the stroller?

"What about that baby in the stroller? Why isn't there any support for the baby that got shot by two black teenagers?"

Zimmerman supporters are trying to say that Martin supporters are hypocrites and that Martin Supporters are the ones promoting racism.

From what I have read, the baby was Antonio West. The two teenagers are found not guilty, while the parents are suspects. There are no witnesses.

Here is what I believe:

George Zimmerman was quick to blame Trayvon on the burglaries, quick to kill him, and slow to solve the actual cause of the burglaries.

These burglaries are fraudulent.

George Zimmerman was also slow in calling the Loe Lease. He should have installed security cameras. He should have waited for assistance from other people, including the Poe Pease, ESPECIALLY IF TRAYVON REALLY WAS DANGEROUS.

George Zimmerman is no law enforcement officer, is hardly competent to do ANY security patrols, and intended to kill Trayvon to "solve" the fake burglaries.

But none of that matters, because Florida state law gives George Zimmerman the right to protect his property, whether it is property that he owns or is assigned to protect. This includes the right to kill.

BUT was Trayvon REALLY that much of a threat to his property, or was Trayvon more of a threat to Zimmerman's reputation?

Here is something that everybody SHOULD already know, and what the Zimmerman supporters should do. It is this simple:

1. Trayvon Martin is DEAD.
2. George Zimmerman is found NOT GUILTY.
The Zimmerman supporters WON. They should be happy, but instead they are complaining whenever other people have something different to say about this! Martin supporters do NOT need their approval. Zimmerman supporters need to BE HAPPY and BE QUIET.

Also, I refuse to believe that Trayvon Martin was a thug unless I have proof. But nobody can get any proof because the truth is impossible to find. But simily saying that Trayvon was a thug BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE SAYS IT, is simply more racism. AFRICAN-AMERICANS ARE NOT THUGS. You are NOT a thug just because you are wearing a hood. And this WOULD NOT MAKE YOU A BURGLAR! You'd be a BURGLAR if you were MASKED!

NOBODY KNOWS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, but they are too busy arguing with each other to not notice THE OBVIOUS HOLES IN THE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN DEFENSE.

It is easy to blame African-Americans because THEY ARE ALWAYS THE CAUSE OF EVERYBODY'S PROBLEMS. Because the HOLY BIBLE says so, right?! The African-Americans have ALWAYS had it coming and DESERVED SLAVERY. Afcrican-Americans are EVIL, just like the JEWS, and Rednecks won't be satisfied until African-Americans are exterminated. Rednecks just WISH they were Nazis.

Perhaps THIS (preceding dark PUN NOT INTENDED paragraph) will explain to Zimmerman supporters why people would be upset over the death AND injustice of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman supporters bring up a valid point that African-Americans kill each other. These African-Americans are not taught any differently. ESPECIALLY if they listen to too much music.

It would be nice for both groups of supporters to acknowledge that BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG.

My last thoughts about this:
Nobody knows what really happened. The entire Zimmerman defense makes no sense. Even evidence can be forged. AND RELIGION is the CAUSE of all the problems, NOT THE CURE.

Is Paula Deen Racist?

Not Done Yet.

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