Friday, June 27, 2008

"The Sportsman Channel":

Of All Of The Crazy TV Channels Out There, This Is One Of The Worst. There Is An Over-The-Air Subchannel, And The ATSC Upgrade Isn't Official Until Next Year, So I Think That Explains The Flood Of Public Service Announcements... One Of These Annoying Commericials Is Of "The Sportsman Channel", Which They Air To Fill A Programming Gap At Nights...ALL HUNTING... ALL FISHING... ALL THE TIME...Hunting Season Is Boring... It Occurs In Autumn And Winter, A Very Boring Time Of Year To Be Outdoors... I Like To Be Outdoors, But Not Like THAT!! I Like Warm Sunny Weather, And I Believe The Sportsman Channel Has A Stereotype That Fishing Happens Only During Hunting Season...Since Fishing Has To Do With Water, Many Younger Fishers These Days Combine This Fishing With Other Activities Related To Water...However I Comepletely Discourage Hunting... And Of Course I Discourage The Sportsman Channel.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"ALL Homophobes Need To Get A Life":

If you don't know what a homophobe is, it is a homophobic person, a person with homophobia. I do not believe that this is a real "fear". People say that other people are "afraid" of what they don't understand, but it is just an excuse to be cruel to somebody else. After all, one definition is, "Homophobia is a term used to describe irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuals." That's right. It's an IRRATIONAL Fear. Common behavior of a male homophobe is following "the guy code", being "manly" pointing out behaviors that they find odd and say "guys don't do that", or "'normal' guys don't do that". They have a girlfriend. If they don't, they start to panic, and actively search for a girl to date. And homophobes will never have anything to do with any guys that do not presently have girlfriends. Some of them won't have anything to do with other men at all. They admire television characters such as "Sam Malone" and "Charlie Harper" (which is a not-gay admiration of course). And I think that they strongly believe that SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star are gay. There hasn't been anything even close to that in the cartoons (but the motion picture does not count) I believe that SpongeBob, Patrick, and probably everybody other character is not gay... If they are, it is not discussed in the series. Remember that most of the characters (except for a few background characters that have children) are single. And some homophobes are expecting all gays to behave like registered sex offenders.

"No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service!!"

This policy is favorable to homophobes. They would prefer their own death over exposing their toes and their stomach in front of other guys. If they go to the beach, they freak at whatever other people are there and might say "Omg, they might look at me!!"... Big Deal... Then don't go to the beach then... If you love to cover yourself up like a stereotypical nerd, then you can dress in coveralls and wear gloves, very large boots, a hat, and a mask, and move your homophobic self to anyplace far up north or far down south...away from The Equator... Be aware of these homophobes... Don't even look off into their direction... If you see a train drive by on a distant bridge, and there are people in the same view, then don't look in that direction... Homophobe(s) could be there and they can point you out and take you to court for looking at them...

I am not gay, but I am also not a homophobic. I am probably one of the few men that would want to marry a girl I'd date. How old fashioned is THAT?! And then I'd be thinking about starting a family, or at least as the role of a stepfather. But I would not even think about that until I finish school, and that I will always have a place to live...I must make sure of that because If I don't own my own house, there is little else for me to go to. I do not agree with two individuals of the same gender to become married to each other, and to also raise a family, and anything else like that which I am not going to mention. I also disagree with discrimination and hatred towards homosexuals. Anybody that does is probably in a closet needing to come out. I remember several people that were constantly bashing gay people, and their favorite adjective towards anything is "gay". When the homophobes become openly gay, they owe all gays an apology...Because gay people are EVERYWHERE. And they are not going away at the wish of homophobes!! California has not banned gay marriages one time, and two elderly ladies have been waiting for years for that to happen. News about George Takei is everywhere. I thought that Family Guy was just making fun of him. Ellen Degeneres announced on her talk show that she is getting married. And Ellen Degeneres stands up for what she believes in... including that one time where a gay school student was murdered by a homophobe. I am not sure how many times that this terrible event has happened. Nobody gave homophobes the right to kill gay people. And what if a homophobe kills somebody that isn't gay, but they thought that they are, based on a homophobe's definition of what makes a person "gay". But the victim isn't (wasn't) gay at all. And never would have been... What is the homophobe going to say than?!: "Oops!!"?! All of this is wrong. All Homophobes need to shut up and get over it.

Attempted kissing... What happens if you almost get kissed on the face by a homophobe?? Not much, because they will have family &/or friends that will believe what they say...even if the homophobe is lieing... Sadly I have known a person and he acts very much like a homophobe, constantly accusing me of being gay, saying that guys don't hug, tickle each other, wrestle, box, swim, go to the beach, fish, pillow fight, and anything else possible involving physical and eye contact... while at the same time, he'll get hyper and want to do these things with me anyways. He'll have his arms out, wants a hug, and gets a little bit closer each time. I guess he is trying to figure out If I am really a guy... This last time he tried to kiss me on the face!! I took his hat off and put it between our faces to try to block what he was doing...

Where guys shouldn't touch each other - What I Consider As "Private":

I thought Homophobes undertand very clearly that guys should never be touched in the location of where you'd wear underwear... And most underwear these days is long enough to reach the knees. That's right... guys shouldn't touch each others thighs in any way not even below the knees, this might be an area of sensetive nerves.... Sensitive nerves elsewhere is okay, because it "tickles" and then you laugh, but where the underwear is worn is not the same feeling. Ugh. And yes, this counts a guy's backside...this is also an area where underwear is worn... Guys should never touch each other's nipples. Do they not know what that is?? It isn't skin!! That is inappropriate. I am about to say something to get things thrown at me: Rod Roddy died of breast cancer... if guys have breasts, then there'd be a debate of whether men should be wearing bras. But I doubt they make bras for men. But seriously guys shouldn't touch each other's nipples, or even their chest at all!! ...whether or not they wear bras. And of course, do not try to kiss each other... isn't "making out" not a form of sex?? Can you not get STDs from that?? I think it is called oral sex... and should be avoided between two guys... Guys should not do any of these things at all unless they are both openly gay. But that isn't really my point. What I am trying to say is that nobody at all should ever touch anybody in these locations, because this is private. Two people in the form of Couples, domestic partners, spouses, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfrends, and even polygamy, and also doctors with gloves on their hands and other medical people with gloves on their hands, can touch each other in any location... If they are not participating in any of these things that I have mentioned to each other... it is unwanted sexual contact, sexual harrassment, and also rape.

I strongly believe there is a very large difference between "Eye Contact", & "Physical Contact", with "Sexual Contact". Homophobes believe that this is the same thing. It isn't. But to avoid homophobes, and since you don't know a homophobe unless they start behaving like one, I guess everybody should try their best to avoid all physical and eye contact. And I do not trust friends anymore. Yes, this is sad, but I have ditched this one person. He considers me a brother. I do not want to be his brother. Who would want to do that?! This guy has serious problems to work on before he can successfully interact with his peers...and successful interaction doesn't include picking fights with them...!! Best thing about this is that he won't even read this blog entry!! Unfortunately for me, I am continuing to have nightmares about this.

So to wrap this up, Homophobes irrationally fear or claim to fear people that are gay or even if Homophobes think that this person or people are gay. They are manly, and manlier than other men. They do not interact with men unless they are fighting with each other, and they might get along with each other if they are both dating girls, or if they are girls then they will interact with each other if they are dating guys (but I don't know about homphobic girls since I have never even heard of a homophobic girl...this is why I am talking about only guys being homophobic), and if they do like other guys, then they will say "Do you like a friend?" &/or "I like a friend". They do not like physical contact of any kind, and not even eye contact. They love being covered in clothes, but not neccessarily to keep warm. They like these clothes even if they are uncomfortable to wear. They like to be dirty and not clean. They do not like clean clothes or showers. They think everybody except for themselves are in closets. They try to prosecute gays for being gay. (This is something that can NOT be done!! If a gay person does something such as sexual harrassment, then prosecute them for sexual harrassment!!) They don't get it that gays are everywhere whether they are openly gay or not. They will even kill somebody that is gay or seems to be gay. They, like many others that shoot defenseless people will say "I was defending myself" &/or "That person had a weapon and could have used it"...even if nobody else was around to witness whatever might have happened. I also believe that most sportsmen (hunters) are homophobic. And so are people that like to constantly take drugs of any kind. If they are not, they will be, because when they have a drug withdrawl, they will be very grumpy and become defensive just like homophobes.

And to all Homophobes everywhere: Lighten Up. Please do not beat up gay people. Don't kill them either. Just don't kill anybody. Be nice. Be kind. It won't make you look weak and "unmanly". And just what is going to happen if a bunch of people read this blog and some of them happen to be homophobes?! Are they going to prosecute me?! Just for posting a blog about homophobes?! Seriously if anybody did that, they'd be overreacting.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Adobe Software Is NOT Required To View PDFs!!":

Whenever You Go To A Website, There Might Be Downloads, And They Might Be PDFs... PDFs Are Silly... But What Is Intolerable Is The Fact That The Website Says "Adobe Acrobat Reader Required"...WRONG!! You Do NOT Have To Download Adobe To View PDFs!! Do I Have To Remind You That Adobe Destoyed Macromedia?! Anyways, There ARE Other Things To Download Besides ADOBE To View PDF Files...I Use "Foxit" Reader... As Far As I Know, It Isn't Affiliated With Mozilla.It Is Much Better Than Adobe...And There Are Still Others...Go To to find out... Type In PDF And Start Downloading These Other, And Better PDF Readers And Even PDF Editors...