Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Rigid Air Ships":

If you know about hot-air balloons, you probably heard of Rigid Air Ships ("Blimps") which were very common in the 19th century. And then The Hindenburg was filled with Hydrogen, which it wasn't supposed to, and it crashed and exploded.

And now The Rigid Air Ship has disappeared in favor of planes. One reason is because they are Jet Planes which isn't something that was ever developed in Blimps.

And nobody will, because everybody will think of The Hindenburg when they think of a Blimp.

Nobody wants to develop it any further even though The Tinanic, which was a giant water ship, that crashed. And people still sail on the water. But not Blimps.

And how much safer is a plane? Haven't you read about the numerous plane crashes?! They happen all the time, and people think that planes are safer than blimps.

And this is something to protest about. Every time a plane crashes, I will post the article and of course complain about it, and eventually I will count all of the articles and prove that planes aren't as safe as people think they are.

Think about it!!

Blimps FLOAT. They are "lighter than air". And Planes use A LOT of energy just to stay in the air.

Have anything to say about this???? Then let me know...
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