Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Dish Network":

I keep seeing the same commercial for many months about Dish Network. Sometimes Dish Network has a few different commercials. They claim to have more affordable programming.

Do they?

It depends on what types of programming that you like to watch. DirecTV, Dish Network's competitor, offers different channels for different prices.

Dish Network has offered programming for less than $10.00 USD !!
To clarify this, they only offer this lowered amount of payment for a few months.

And let's look at all the mail that people get from these services. They also provide ads in the newspapers and the magazines. Do that and you can easily compare the programming offered.

Dish Network has "America's Top 100", and "America's Top 200", etc. I think this is Dish Network's opinions, not America's. FOX News Channel is offered on "America's Top 200", the second level of programming, not the first level like DirecTV advertises. If you count that the majority of America voted for Barack Obama, then FOX News Channel would literally fall into "America's Top 200".

Fox News is a news coverage that "asks questions". They ask all kinds of questions to anybody, even if the questions are unpopular to ask. I myself have watched news coverage in 2008 and know that many news sources such as CBS and NBC are very repetitive and quickly and conveniently gloss over any of Barack Obama's controversies. CBS News's Katie Couric interviewed "Joe The Plumber" a person who has the modified nickname of "Average Joe", and Joe The Plumber has had plans to begin his own business. To be fair, He was only an employee and did not have a license to do this. He could have gotten one. The point of him wanting to start a business is to express that an Obama administration would make things difficult for businesses. Joe The Plumber could not finish because Katie Couric said they were out of time and then said that they would still have a Live Broadcast on the web. It is interesting that he got to say what he thinks of a McCain administration and right when he mentions Obama's name, he is interrupted by Katie Couric.

Also Fox News has very limited programming for its stations in favor of a 24 hour network that must have a cable or satellite subscription service. SOME of the FOX stations have extensive local news coverage as a substitute. Unfortunately, FOX News has had lower ratings when compared with other stations that provide more national news on their stations, because

FOX News still has limited availability.

And Dish Network has FOX News Channel, the best place to find FOX News, on America's Top 200. This makes FOX News Channel have less availability than the other Cable/Satellite news stations!! MSNBC has NBC, which means that NBC News is widely available at all times and in all areas. CNN has several networks, none of which is available over the air. It does have a Live Stream online. CNN is offered on America's Top 100. This means that FOX News has limited availability even compared to CNN!!

With Dish Network, people thinking that they are paying more, are actually getting less, not the SAME service as DirecTV. And if they want to see FOX News more, then they will have to PAY MORE.

I wonder what other channels on Dish Network can be found for less each month with DirecTV.

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