Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Tim Urban: The Next Zac Efron??!!":

I have not explained yet... about what happened with American Idol in 2009. The point is I would never watch it again because of that...and then Paula Abdul and now Simon Cowell are leaving.

However, There was an audition in Texas, and four contestants from Texas began competing in American Idol. I also am getting excellent over the air signal of KDFW, which has Fox 4 News. Fox News does not have very much national programming, leaving the local stations to provide the news. Some of the stations don't have ANY at all, and others have news that is produced by another station that is an affiliate of a rival broadcast network. And then there are a few Fox stations that produce their own local news and some of them have A LOT of news broadcast.

Since this news is on Fox staions, and since American Idol is on Fox, they will provide updates about American Idol. And since American Idol had auditions in KDFW's coverage area, they will provide even more updates.

I have not learned all their names, but I know that there are two of them that I remember. One of them has blonde hair and his audition didn't go well. He said he will do anything, and somebody...I think it was Kara... said he should take his shirt off. And he did that.

There is also Tim Urban. He is a nice looking hygenic person with a nice name also. I don't know why, but I never wondered about what he would look like with his shirt off.

Recently, he almost got voted off of the American Idol show.

During that week, he was criticized by the judges, who said that the performance was silly. The performance resembled High School Musical or HairSpray. Tim Urban said that he wanted to try something different and that he had fun with the performance. Miley Cyrus was a guest that week, who said that she liked his performance.

Tim Urban did not get voted off that week.

I watched The Wendy Williams Show, and somebody thought that the reason why Tim Urban was still around, was because there are now pictures of Tim Urban in Swim-Trunks. Bathing Suit. Whatever.

I googled it. I found two images.

His facial expressions are kinda goofy, in my opinion.

I also began thinking. Both High School Musical and HairSpray have Zac Efron in them, and he is widely regognized because of this. He also has slowly has been in pictures with his shirt off.

And now there is Tim Urban, who is performing very similarly to Zac Efron, and at the same time there are pictures of him with his shirt off.

Tim Urban must be very dedicated to become recognized as another famous celebrity.

What is wrong with this????????????????

Nothing. I am happy for him...for all of these reasons.

But I think that Tim Urban and Zac Efron should compete together...and perhaps co-star in films.

...who is that other American Idol contestant from Texas with the blonde hair??????
I forgot who he is. Oh well. It would be interesting to know if that guy and Tim are enemies or friends with each other.

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