Thursday, April 15, 2010

"The Wright Brothers Were Corrupt":

The Wright Brothers suck. And I typed that in case people search for that.

Who built the first aircraft????????

The Wright Brothers??


And why do I think this is corrupt?? It was a heavier-than-air craft, tested in Kitty Hawk, South Carolina in USA.

Lighter-Than-Air craft has been around much sooner than that, but it was never the USA's specialty. It became a skill of Germany instead of U.S.A. and that Hindenberg being filled with hydrogen exploded in the U.S.A. The cause is unknown. There are planes everywhere. They are expensive. And they crash, even explode And nobody cares.

Sorry but nothing makes sense except for the possibility that somebody from The U.S.A. thought that if a lighter-than-air craft exploded, it would convieniently be replaced by The U.S.A.

There are many other nations on Earth. And many are much younger than U.S.A. which means that their evolution depended on a lot of whatever technology U.S.A. has. Of course some are evolving faster...but they still use heavier-than-air craft.

A few quick facts:

As far back as 1872, There were also navigable hot-air balloons. Since that term is too confusing to most people, not many people know about them...they are similar to blimps. Some blimps are rigid airships, and semi-rigid airships...but most are small non-rigid airships. Unfortunately this is very confusing to the average idiot.

If you read the forum, you will see that Richard ____ already forgot his name but I will add it later, flew a heavier-than-air craft before the Wright Brothers did... but he was unsuccessful in comparrison because he got hurt.

So, technically, what the Wright Brothers did was successfully fly and land a heavier-than-air craft.

But not many people care about the details.

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