Saturday, October 18, 2008

"An Update On Two Things":

I see that reddit has an entire page for Obama ("Senator Government") headlines. I understand that it is because the news does this on purpose and reddit is some kind of news sharing website, but that still does not make that right. It only proves two of my points... that Obama is included in things such as search results more than McCain or anybody else; and that the news seems to prefer Senator Government.

Joe The Plumber should get his own television series. He is now quite famous. Perhaps Paris Hilton should run for president with Joe The Plumber for vice president.

I can't believe it. That Wendy's girl (I assume her name is "Wendy"??) is TALKING. It's about time!! It is much better than whatever else she was doing. The commercials have greatly improved, I hope they remain like this. I still do not like the "Choices" trend that they started. Once again, there isn't anything wrong with French Fries, and also once again, If you want Choices, then go to buffets!!

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