Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Third And Final Presidental Debate":

I watched it on CBS because FOX didn't even air the debate!! Instead they aired BASEBALL of all things. Baseball. In October!! So they clearly do not seem to care anymore and think that it has all been wrapped up.

At first the debate was very similar to all the other debates. Then John McCain clarified that he is not George W. Bush. This is very impressive and it really needed to be said. Barack Hussein Obama and supporters say that Electing McCain would mean 8 more years of failed policies. As Obama would say "Here are the facts": Failed Policies are of BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats. And it is NOT the fault of every republican everywhere!!

I have compared Obama to Judge Alex.
McCain has also accidentally picked a nickname for Obama. That nickname is "Senator Government".

I am going to agree that both of them have similar policies. So that leaves Personality. And Obama's personality is just inexcusable. Not specifically on the debate, but just about every time he is on television.

But what I say does not matter. Not at all. I fear that Obama will win, because of his advantages all along. The news simply gives Obama more broadcast time. They publish more articles about Obama. I doubt that Readers Digest would include an article about Obama and McCain if Obama wasn't leading in worldwide polls. And right before the local news, an ad for Andrew Rice smearing Jim Inhofe was on. Despite McCain's improvement and other people saying that he has improved. Then the poll results of course say that McCain has little increase or a decrease and Obama has a major increase. If Obama wins, then I will turn off the television whenever the news is on. I will read online headlines unfortunately to see how terrible he is performing, and I will also quit watching the local news and reading the local headlines because I know that nothing will get better. I also know that the unsolved crimes will remain unsolved and they aren't going to catch the criminals and the people that victimized me aren't going to get in trouble either.

The polls are inaccurate. And the news lies. Many are just as corrupt as some in other lines of work.

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