Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Obama Won":

By reaching the well over 270 electoral votes before McCain did,
by running having the perfect campaign
by starting a fashion trend at the same time,
by becoming a cult icon,
by having Children's books written about him?! "Mama Voted For Obama" for example,
by the news everywhere covering topics that has a tone benefiting Obama,
by the fact that the past 8 years has been terrible AND the president happened to be a republican,
by Obama NOT being a republican,
by becoming easier to relate to to most everybody,

If those things didn't happen, Obama would have never made it this far. And he wouldn't have made it to the election.
Next thing that I fear happening is more Democrats running for political offices, and all of them looking very very young.

The next 8+ years will be terrible. Why not 4?? Why do I say 8?? Because if Obama won the presidency for 4 years, he can do it again. He might find some way to get a 3rd term!! And then there is his family. Michelle Obama will want to run for President, and then Oprah, and Will Smith. And Judge Alex. And Judge Alex's Bailiff. And Judge Alex's Announcer.

Will Sarah Palin run in 2012?? I think so. I hope so. But it will be difficult... Obama's campaign is convincing. And very powerful. And Ruthless.

I hope the cost of headache medicine won't go up. The nation is going to need a lot of headache pills from Obama's speeches.

And Jim Inhofe Won!! At least I am happy abuot that.

Sarah Palin / Joe The Plumber '12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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