Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"More Condemning On Sarah Palin; Give It A Rest Already":

It's over. Obama will get the white house just like he said he would when looking into a crystal ball on The Tyra Banks Show. Sarah Palin will not become a president nor vice president, at least not for a while.

I will miss all the people appearing as guest stars on television series. I remember when HRC appeared on MANY television series. John McCain, Cindy, and Sarah Palin all appearing on Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey and whoever portrayed McCain did an excellent job. That is something that is going to be missed.

I really hope that the people that want to forget about Sarah Palin.. will.
Instead of saying the most terrible of things about her. It is not easy to be on television, and to be interviewed. She did a great job, but nobody is perfect. Remember how stressed she was when she was asked about releasing her health records. I remember her saying something like "if it is something that can cause some people to not worry about, and for others to criticize over and over again, then fine."

I read this:

I really do think that much of the news isn't genuine. They are turning into tabloids. Anyways, here are some comments that I am commenting about:

"I often wonder if Palin is really that stupid or is it just an act. To suggest that God would intervene on behalf of a political party is the talk of a moron. Instead of the RNC spending money on clothes for Palin, they should give all of it to some needy americans and then spend about $200.00 and have this idiot measured for a STRAIGHT JACKET" On October 22nd.

About that last very long sentence: That can be said about ANYBODY running for a political position. I will never forget Obama having over THIRTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH, and spent it on campaigning. Perhaps at just a million dollars of that would solve some of the problems of needy americans?! And go look on Wikipedia and see the very first picture released of Sarah Palin. She is wearing very Palin (plain) clothes. Just an ordinary blue jacket. It may have been a lot of money, but it could have been any amount and people would criticize about it. Straight Jacket?! Sorry for not asking the person that posted this, but what are YOU doing?! Have you ever been a businessperson?? A Mayor?? State governer?? Well?! And have you run for VP?? If you haven't, which I am sure you haven't, then do it and see how it turns out for you. Those that think that Sarah Palin needs to be in a quote "STRAIGHT JACKET" should in fact run for some public office, and see how that turns out. Perhaps people will think that you need to wear a straight jacket, whether you need to or not.

"God surely will do the right thing election day - he will pull the lever for OBAMA/BIDEN." On October 22nd".

This saying is just as bad as Palin saying it. She didn't directly say that God will be the cause of McCain/Palin campaign to win, but she might have implied it?? It isn't the first time that wrong things were said on Television. But do not comment on a bad statement and then make an equally bad statement yourself.

"Yes, God will do the right thing and send you back to Alaska and McCain back to Arizona where you belong. November 4th cannot come soon enough for me!" October 22nd

Same as the above comment.

"I hope this race ends her "so-called" public service career in its tracks. Maybe some time in jail for her unethical behavior or a nice hefty civil lawsuit for wrongful termination will fix her right up. This woman is a loon that shouldn't be allowed to even continue being a Governor of a state!"

I also take offense to this one. I know that criminals get away with "little" things and do not get caught. How dare you. Obama should not allowed to be president!! What about his Unethical Behavior?! His behavior gives me headaches. And if (IF) she goes to jail for wrongful termination and unethical behavior, I will back her up. And the wrongful termination thing had to be appealed because SO MUCH News was using so many things against her. Like I keep saying, the news is turining into tabloids. They will take some information and turn it completely around.

"Lightening bolt alert! Palin and McCain had better avoid open fields and utility poles on November 4 when God shows that He knows what and who's best for this country! "

All I can say about this one is "cuss word". There. I just censored myself.

"God will do the right thing on election day. The question is, will the people elect the right President? God won't be down here pulling the levers. He leaves the political nonsense up to us."

This comment I actually LIKE!!

"Palin has not mentioned her witchcraft activity in her campaign. I got very confused when she mentioned God in her speech. Please, go to You Tube and watch the video…scary."

Prove it. And a Youtube Video is not proof.

"Sarah's way to heaven is paved! God forgive each one of you filled with hatred!! May Jesus bless you and turn you around before it is too late!!"

I also like this comment. Of course I say "Shame on each one of you filled with hatred."

I would just love to comment on all of them, but I won't do least not right now.

Oh... And I am going to comment on Obama's speech last night... "It Belongs To You." Who?? EVERYBODY?? Or just people that voted for him. He is the next president of the united states, not the president of the people that voted for him.

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