Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Facing Bob Schieffer":

I just watched Bob Schieffer on "Face The Nation" earlier this morning. He was discussing about the economy and the debate and whatever else, and then introduced, of course, none other than the very famous presidential nominee Senator Barack Hussein Obama. And of course Barack Obama says what he usually says. I am not sure what that is, becuase it is always confusing to me. Where was John McCain?? Will he be on next week's epsode of Face The Nation, somebody shouild let me know because I think this will be the last time for me to watch Face The Nation. The entire program, even if it is not very long, was an interview of Obama and only Obama. Afterwards Bob mentioned an assignment that he had in 1962 where an African American for the first time had attended the campus supported by tax payers. There was a lot of protests and it was difficult for the student to go there. But it was still accomplished successfully and history was made. It is just unacceptable for people to protest about that. It is also ignorant and just plain wrong!! I think Bob was simply trying to make a point that decades later there wasn't any sign of that at that same campus where the Debate was recently held at. He also stated the fact of the first major African American presidential nominee. So what exactly is the purpose of this broadcast of Face The Nation?! Is it a chance for Obama to have an advantage over John McCain by not giving John McCain an equal amount of time for an interview?? I believe that Obama has plenty of things that he uses to his advantage, such as himself & supporters mentioning any rivals resulting in nicknames such as "Billary", and "McSame". And any mentions of ethnic backgrounds needs to be left out. A person't race does not affect my voting for them or my not voting for them. And it souldn't affect anybody else's decisisions either. I will mention it again: I have watched Barack over and over and I have watched Judge Alex over and over again. They are VERY similar. You sould watch both of them and compare. See anything about both of their personalities that you don't like?? If Hillary had to be called "Billary", and if McCain is still being called "McSame", it is only fair for the 2008 democratic presidential nominee to be nicknamed "Judge Barack".

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