Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I'm A PC":

I'm a P.C.
and I do not wear suits.
I also do not wear headbands.
Since I am a P.C., and since Windows Vista did not include me in their newest commercials,
I am going to let everybody know about what it's like being a P.C.:
I have been a P.C. for years. From 2001-2004 I have been various rebuilt systems, until 2004, when I became a brand new P.C. I have many hardware features.
I have also gone years until today with only one memory chip of 512MB. (Actually reading at 448MB). This has resulted in terrible performance and taken a very long time to finish everything I needed to get done. I recently installed an additional memory chip for myself.
How is Windows Vista going to do everything that I need. I can't. Because I am just a P.C.

Enough writing like that. It gets difficult and also annoying after a while.

Anyways, those commercials with Windows Vista really irritated me. And P.C. and Mac are becoming rivals just like the presidential nominees. And if you have read some of my previous posts you can tell that I don't need to hear any more of things like that. (and I can't stand the commercials being released by gasoline companies promoting new energy...more on this in another post). But anyways, I telecommute for a living. I get almost everything through the mail. I did all of this before driving and to this day I am still like SpongeBob SquarePants, who also is unable to drive XD ). So once you use computers for just about anything that they are capable of, you are going to need ALL of the major hardware and software.

My favorite Hardware for "P.C."s
H.P. This goes for desktops and usually laptops.
And Panasonic For Toughbooks.
Monitors: ViewSonic. The best kind that I have found.
Printers: Samsung CLP.
Software: Apple Macintosh. I like the software from Apple, but so far I don't think they have as good of hardware as HP does. (If you were paying attention to my earlier paragraph, I mentioned that "I became a new P.C. in 2004." For clarification, H.P and Compaq were the only ones available that I could find that had the built in memory card readers. But now most "P.C.s" have these features).

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